Chemo Hair-Loss

Chemotherapy-induced alopecia (CIA) is a condition that can have profound psychosocial and quality-of life consequences. It  can leads to anxiety, depression, negative body image while lowering self esteem.

If you or a loved one has ever had cancer then you know the effects that chemotherapy treatment can have on the body and the medical expenses that can arise.   This is why WigsbyDana is being proactive to help make a difference by offering a free wig for cancer patient's who can not afford a new wig.

Hair can make a difference

Hair is an integral part of a woman's life. Often our hair is a reflection of our identity, femininity and overall personality.  Generally, when your hair looks good you feel more confident and capable of tackling what the day holds.  And when your hair looks good you look more healthy.

Make a Difference - Help Others in Need

One way you can make a difference is by donating a wig to someone who has lost theirs. Your donation can give hope during someone's hardest moment in life.  Make a difference Today! 

Cancer Support

Have more questions: Contact me Now...

How you can Donate 

We do request that all items are washed before sending. There are two options on how to donate your gently used wig or hair topper.

Wig Donations
    • Ship item to:  
      • WigsbyDana - 1134 Woods Rd Forney, Tx 75126
    • Schedule Pick Up
      • Call Dana at 214-609-5700
      • Email Dana at
      • Exclusive for Dallas, Tx communities' 


How to request a Free Wig- Easy as  1-2-3

  1.  Request a prescription from your Oncologist for a cranial prosthesis (medical term for a wig)
  2. Email a copy of your prescription to
  3. Attach a picture of yourself on one of your good hair-days.

This will give me an idea for the length, style and color tones when selecting a wig for you.  I will use your picture in hope to find a style that will match your personal style and image of self.

My selection of Free Wigs can be limited but I will if I do not have something that would work I can add you to my list for a free wig offer.

Giving back to help others in need is a passion and joy that is priceless and an honor to be apart of.


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