In-Home Consultation & Concierge Services

Not sure where to start? Save time and skip the frustration by getting the guidance and the personalized service you are looking for.

As a Licensed Stylist and Wig Specialist for almost 20 yrs, you will get an accurate assessment with solutions that match your personal needs & style.

I offer In-Home-Consultations with fitting, hair-services, wig-services along with pick-up/delivery locally throughout Dallas, Texas and surrounding area.

Have more questions?  Call - (214-609-5700) or click the link below to schedule a service today! 

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In-Home Consultation with Fitting- 75.00

  • Private Consultation, product review, and personal fitting to ensure your selection the best possible hair solution for you.
  • Includes a Free trim so that the hair piece frames your face perfectly. 
Delivery / Pick-Up  - 25.00
  • Personal  Delivery of your New Hair Style
  • Concierge -  Pick/Up & Delivery for alternative hair t services.

Synthetic Hair Fiber

Human Hair Fiber

Natural Bio Hair

Additional hair salon services like cut, color, or style, for your own biological hair, can be scheduled - click here.


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