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HD Fiber Vs Synthetic Hair FiberAre you looking for a new wig? Wondering if HD Synthetic Fiber or Synthetic Fiber would be better? In this article I’ll explain the differences in fiber and cover the care required for each.  Then you can better determine which fiber is best for you.

What is HD Fiber?

HD Fiber - (also referred to as heat defiant) is a heat-friendly synthetic fiber. This means you can use hot tools on it without damaging the fiber.  The HD Synthetic fiber can withstand heat up to 350 degrees, but personally, I like to take caution and stay within 275-280 degrees.  This allows you to change your style from straight, wavy or curly.  It’s like having several wigs at the cost of one. 

HD-Synthetic Fiber

What is Synthetic Hair Fiber?

Synthetic Hair is basically a man-made plastic that is meant to look like natural hair.   The fibers are put through various chemical processes which makes the fiber look like human hair.  Then the fibers are baked into a set style, giving you a ready to wear style that keeps its shape and style even after washing. 

Synthetic Hair Fiber


Both styles are ready to wear right out of the box, but with a little bit of extra care, HD fiber can give you a look that’s truly unique. If you’re looking for a wig that you can customize and make your own, then an HD fiber wig is the perfect choice for you. Take a look at these top selling heat-friendly wig styles.

Diva by Ellen Wille | Heat Friendly Synthetic Fiber


ARIA by Ellen Wille | Synthetic Wig


Aria by Ellen Wille | Synthetic Wig

(Style Not Heat-Friendly)


Tips for Caring for Alternative Hair

  1. (For HD Fiber) -never go above the recommended heat setting, because you could burn and damage the fiber
  2. (For HD Fiber)- Spray your hair fibers with an HD-smooth detangler often. You can click here to purchase HD Smooth Detangler by Jon Renau
  3. Use a wide tooth comb and be sure to remove all tangles before washing.
  4. Wash every 7-10 wears to remove any odors or product build up
  5. Use actual wig care product designed for wigs to protect the fibers and keep your fiber looking its best for as long as possible.

Whether you choose HD Synthetic Fiber or Synthetic Fiber, both are both great options when it comes to choosing a ready-to-wear wig. It ultimately depends on your lifestyle and what you want out of your wig.

Be sure to visit to find the perfect style for you.  If you still need help on finding the right style or have more questions you can contact me here or schedule a private consultation.  would like to schedule a consultation, you can contact me here.


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