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New to wigs or have questions?

New to wigs, not sure where to start?

Here are some FAQ and answers to help you start your journey more informed and confident about selecting the right wig or hairpiece for yourself. If you still have questions, please contact me directly to assist you more.

 Best Wigs for Chemotherapy Patients

  • The most natural looking wigs are 100% hand tied or have cap features like a monofilament top/part and a lace front hairline.  This means each hair fiber has been individually tied into a sheer material creating multidirectional styling and gives the illusion of natural hair growth.   These cap features are available in synthetic and human hair fibers.
How to keep your wig from slipping?
  • There can be many reasons why your wig does not feel secure.  However, if the size is correct and you just want your wig to feel more secure, then try some of the following solutions...  

How to Get Tax-Free Medical Wigs 

  • Did you know that many wigs are considered medical devices and therefore, exempt from sales tax? That’s right! You could save a lot of money if your wig qualifies as a medical device.

How Do I Thin out a wig?

  • If you feel your wig is too thick, there are ways to thin out your wig.
How to Choose a Hair Topper
  • Tired of dealing with thinning hair? You may be wondering how to choose the perfect hair topper for yourself and not sure where to start. I’ve compiled a few tips that will help get your started on the right track!

How do I measure my head to know my wig size?

Wigs do come in different sizes and to ensure you get the best fit you should take time to measure your head before you buy.  

Please view the chart below to know your size:


 How often should I wash my wig or hair piece?

There are a few things that will increase how often you should wash your wig.  However, based on normal wear and activity one can typically go to 7-10 wears before needing to wash.  If you are sweating a lot, from being active or are around strong odors like smoke then you may want to wash sooner.  I would highly recommend having at least 2 wigs.  This will allow you to always have one ready while one is getting washed and extend the lifespan of your hair piece. 


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