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One of the main factors to consider when choosing a wig is the purpose for which you will be wearing it. Are you looking for a wig for a special occasion or event? Or are you in need of an everyday wig for extended wear?

The overall goal is for your wig to look natural so you can feel confident and look your best. So, let's dive into this subject about wigs, what to look for and if you need to have more than one wig.  

 Factors to Consider 

1.) Different types of hair fiber

When answering the question of how many wigs you need, it's important to understand the various types of hair fibers available on the market.

  • Synthetic Hair Fiber: Ready to Wear, lower in cost and maintains the Style even after washing.
  • Heat-Friendly Fiber: More versatile - Able to use hot tools to change style. Low heat- (270-325F) Recommend.
  • Human Hair Fiber: Longevity can use heat styling tools and can customize color for a more natural look.

Synthetic wigs are more affordable and easier to care for than human hair wigs. Still, they tend to have a shorter lifespan and some can't be styled with heat tools. In contrast, human hair wigs have a longer lifespan, can be styled with heat tools and color customized offering a more natural look, but come at a higher price point.

Of course, each hair fiber has its own benefits and drawbacks, so it's essential review the differences so you have realistic expectations.

2.) Reasons for getting a wig - (Special Occasion vs Extended Wear)

There are many reasons someone may need to purchase a wig. You may be purchasing a wig for a special occasion or just for the fashion and ease of it, which means you may not wear your wig as often. Or you may need to wear a wig for an extended period due to thinning, alopecia, or medical hair loss (like chemotherapy or medications). So, consider how long and how often you plan on wearing your wig.

3.) Budget 

Wigs come in various price ranges, so it's crucial to determine how much you're willing to invest.  If your budget is limited, you might have to stick to one wig until you can afford more. We know human hair can be costly, but don't loose heart, there are many modern synthetic wigs are made with advanced fibers that mimic human hair and can withstand some heat styling. For example, look at how similar these follow styles are but the difference in cost.  

 Ahead of the Curve by RW                    The Art Of Chinch by RW

 (Sale Price- $289.99)                               (Sale Price- $1466.99)

Arrow by Ellen Wille | Synthetic Wig   Angie by Jon Renau | Human hair wig 
ARROW by Ellen Wille                             ANGIE by Jon Renau
(Sale Price- $394.99)                              (Sale Price - $2643.99)
  1. Choice of Hairstyle

Your hairstyle preference is another factor to consider, as some hairstyles might require more than one wig. For example, if you like to switch between straight and curly hair, you might need two wigs to achieve this. Or, if you like to have different lengths, one wig might not be enough.

    1. Overall Lifestyle

    Your lifestyle is another significant factor that can impact how well your wig maintains it’s style.  If you're active or live in a hot and humid environment, you may sweat more, causing your wig to degrade faster. In this case, having multiple wigs can be advantageous, as you can rotate between them and increase their lifespan. Also, the longer any synthetic wig or hair-piece is,  the quicker your piece will tangle.  The constant friction from your body or brushing can cause the fiber to look frayed at the ends. 


    Ultimately, the number of wigs you need varies from person to person and depends on your needs, budget, and lifestyle. 

    Assuming you're a person who needs to wear a wig on a regular basis, you have to keep in mind, "no wig is going to last forever."

    However, for those dealing with permanent hair loss, it's advisable to have a minimum of two wigs, but more would be even better.   If you are able to have human hair, I would still  recommend at least two wigs to rotate between. 

    NOTE: If you wear one wig every day for three months and compare it to a new one, you will see the difference – and most importantly, others will notice too!

    With this ultimate guide, I hope I've given you the information you need to make an informed decision on how many wigs you should have. 



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