It's hard to get out of bed when you know your hair will be a disaster.  Whether its your personal hair or your Human Hair Wigs and Toppers there are ways to win that battle.  So don't give up!   I've got some Great Tips on "How to Tame Frizzy Hair" and help you to love your hair again.
Frizzy Hair

TIP #1 - Rinse Hair with Cold Water

The first place to start for controlling frizz begins with the right water temperature.   Hot warm water may feel good, but too much heat will only lead to drying your hair out, making your frizz even more unbearable. Instead rinse hair with the coolest water you can to seal the cuticles and get them ready for styling.

Cold Water Rinse

TIP #2 - Use The Right Care Product

  • Sulfate-Free Shampoo

Products with Sulfates are a common ingredient in shampoos to create lather, but can be damaging in that it peels away the healthy oils.  However, sulfate-Free shampoos helps maintain the natural oil levels leaving the hair with more moisture.  

  • Hydrating & moisture Rich Conditioners

Hydrating and deep-conditioning products are essential in keeping frizz under control.  The secret is to use products that supply moisture and humidity resistance. Use a deep mask at least every other week to give that extra love to penetrate deeper into the cuticle.

  • Heat Protecting Product

Heat Treat Thermal Spray by Jon Renau works great at preventing damage when constantly using heat and styling tools. . 

***Moisture and Hydration is the key.***

 TIP #3- Air Dry & Blow Dry Correctly

If you are able let your hair air-dry about 80% before blow-drying.  Then blow dry in same direction of cuticle growth down the shaft to hair ends. Then ending with a burst of cool air to finish. .  If hair is left damp frizzy hair is sure to follow.

TIP #4- Detangler & Oil Serums

Now this is my favorite tip of all.  Using a detangle spray will help to decrease tangles and by using a smoothing serum you can calm down those fly always and keep those strands smooth with an extra touch of love.

So It’s not as hard as you might think. With the right products, tools and techniques, it is totally possible to achieve tamed locks without too much hassle. Keep watch for more hair tips with my blogs at



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