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Purchasing a wig or hairpiece goes beyond just a mere transaction; it's actually a very intimate purchase and can be a significant investment. For those new to wigs, it's essential to consult a knowledgeable professional about alternative hair for proper guidance.

The choice between purchasing a wig online or at a local wig shop, each have their benefits and drawbacks. Here are some things to keep in mind when deciding where to purchase a wig: 

Online Wig Shopping

In today's time, we have become spoiled to the ease of online shopping.


  • Convenience: Online wig stores offer the convenience of shopping from the comfort of your home at any time.
  • Wider Selection: Online stores usually have a larger variety of wig styles, colors, and brands to view and choose from.
  • Price Comparison: It's easier to compare prices online and find discounts or sales.
  • Privacy: For those who prefer discreet shopping, online stores offer privacy.


  • Without proper guidance you may select a style that does not work.  This can result in restocking fees, and wasted time spent trying to find the right hair solution.


Wig Shop Purchase 


  • Try Before You Buy: In-store shopping allows you to actually see the styles and try on to see how they look and feel.
  • Wig Assistance: If you're new to alternative hair, staff can provide assistance and recommendations.
  • Immediate Gratification: If you find a style at the wig shop, you can purchase and take your wig home immediately.

Wigs By Dana - Dallas, Texas

(Combines Both and offers Concierge Services) 

Dana has collaborated with all major wig manufacturers in North America and Ellen Wille in Frankfurt, Germany for more than 20 years. Having In-depth product knowledge about wig styles, cap construction and colors.


  • Free Virtual Consultation
  • Convenience: Easy online Shopping along with local delivery options
  • Concierge Wig Service: Get the VIP Treatment with a specialized expert visiting you for a more personalized experience.
  • Professional Wig Expert & Hair Stylist -
    • Additional one on one product education,
    • Offers on-going hair services even after a purchase
      1. customized haircuts,
      2. human hair coloring
      3. wig resizing if needed.


Hair loss is a complex journey with various stages and challenges. Ultimately, the best place to purchase a wig depends on your preferences, the quality of product available and the type of service you're looking for when dealing with hair loss. 



Wigs by Dana aims to support you through this journey and provide a reliable shopping experience. If you would like to find out more about Dana or book a private consultation or wig service, click here.  

Wigs by Dana - Dallas, Texas

**Have questions or need immediate help call now (214-609-5700)**


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