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Hairstyles that make you look Younger

Everyone knows that aging is inevitable but it doesn't mean you have to accept it!  The hair is one of the first things you notice when you see someone. It can make or break your day, and even chan...

Bob Hairstyles & Why We Love Them

The bob is a classic cut that never goes out of fashion. Bob haircuts are perfect for those who want an easy-care hairstyle that is still fashionable.   A bob can be styled in so many different way...

How to Choose a Hair Topper

Toppers or Hair Additions Tired of dealing with thinning hair? You may be wondering how to choose the perfect hair topper for yourself and not sure where to start. I’ve compiled a few tips that wil...

Who Makes the Best Synthetic Wigs?

If you're thinking about buying a wig and feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the different styles, then take a moment and consider the brand you're looking at. Every manufacturer will have similar ...

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