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Shaping Cream


Shaping Cream by BeautiMark is a medium-hold texture cream.  Perfect for short to medium styles that you want to work with the style some.  Easily create more texture, piece out some of the hairs or just to tame some of those flyaway hairs.  2oz.


  • Apply a small amount at your finger tips.
  • Gently work where you want to piece out, give hold, or work into the base area to get more lift.

Special Features:

  • FREE of toxic glycols, sulfates, phthalates, parabens, DEAs, artificial dyes and fragrances.  Scented with all natural essential oils.
  • Water soluble.  You can just spray your piece with water the next day, shake item out and the product still work, whiteout having to put more on.  Product goes a long way.  

Please Note: **Accessories are Non-Returnable**

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