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How do Wigs Stay On?

One of the first questions I often hear about wigs is,

“How do wigs stay on your head?” 


Wigs are not permanently attached, so the fear of it moving or worse falling off in public, is a common concern for all women.  However, as long as you secure your wig  properly your wig will stay in place.

Now there are several methods on how to secure your wig, some are for hair and some work better without hair.  I personally like to combine more than one technique, so feel free to experiment and determine what works best for you.  However, the first step for anyone with hair is to make sure you have your own bio hair as flat to the head as possible.


Methods on how to secure your wig?

Adjustable Straps - 

The simplest and most obvious method is adjusting the wig itself.  Typically you will find straps on the side panels behind the ear that can be pulled to tighten at the nape. They can loosen over time or after washing your wig, so just double check or tighten if you feel the wig is loose.

Polyurethane Strips -

If you're able to select a higher quality cap then consider choosing a wig that has additional non-slip polyurethane strips sections.   

Typically located at the front of the wig, located where your natural hairline would sit and sometimes along the nape or around the whole premature on higher end wigs. This provides a slight suction effect, and fabulous in preventing your wig from slipping.  

Bobby Pins

  • Allow you to pin your own hair securely flat to your head. 
  • Chris-cross two bobby pins thru a wefted cap (under the hair-so it doesn’t show) for a more secure fit if you have hair.

Wig Caps -

  • Quick and easy for holding your hair down.
  • Without Hair - it protects your scalp if your sensitive

Wig grips

  • one of the most popular methods for securing a wig.
  • Made of double-sided velvet and connects with a Velcro to fit around the circumference of your head. 
  • Relieves pressure from the cap and can be worn under any wig, hat or scarf to help prevent slippage.

Pressure Sensitive Clips -

  • Also known as toupee clips. These clips can be sewn into your cap usually at the temple area.
  • Just be aware that wig clips are only effective if you have some hair, and you are not wearing a wig cap.

Stay Secure with Wig Tape 

Wig tape is double-sided tape that adheres to your head on one side and your wig on the other.

Can be applied to the following areas:

  • Lace front
  • Polyurethane strips
  • Wig tape worst best on hair free areas
  • Double-Sided Tape - should NOT be used if you have natural hair
  • This could pull on your own hair and cause hair loss.

It-Stays Body Adhesive  

  • is a water soluble roll-on adhesive that is clear and won’t leave stains.
  • Can be applied directly on your hairline

Position your wig on and press the lace front or front hairline down and hold for a minute or two and allow to dry.  The wig will stay pliable with your skin and can still be easily removed with water


In Summary . . .

All of the above methods are simple and effective, but it’s down to personal preference and what feels most comfortable for you. 


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