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It's time to wash your human hair wig and you may be feeling a little unsure on how to do things since it's not hair growing from your on own head.  There's no question about human hair wigs being a higher investment.  Which is why I want to explain why there is a difference and the proper steps on how to wash a human hair wig. 

Human hair wigs are made of natural hair fiber, but the majority of human hair wigs on the market have been chemically processed and often colored with textile dyes to provide consistent coloring.  This means the hair has been weaken and will need more hydration to keep the strands strengthened to prevent breakage. 

In fact many of the human hair wigs are a blend of Chinese and Indian hair combined. The mixture of hair types into one wig can also affect how the texture looks after washing and require additional product and styling to achieve the same look as when you first purchased.

By following these recommended steps you can feel confident in how to wash your human hair wig. 

When to Wash your Human Hair Wig

A good rule of thumb is to wash your wig after 7-14 wears. Although based on your activity lever, how often your wear your wig and the amount of product you use can affect the frequency of washing.

 Washing your Wig

Washing your Human Hair Wig.

Prepare your Wig - Gently remove any tangles with a wide tooth comb starting from the ends moving up the wig.

Washing your Wig -Next fill the Sink or large container with lukewarm water and add enough shampoo to the water and swirl around to create some suds.  (If you feel your wig is extra dirty you can add a small amount of baking soda to your water)  Then submerge your wig in and out of the water a few times. It's best to hold the wig underneath the crown area in the palm of one hand to prevent stretching or tearing the lace if the wig has a lace front.  Set your timer and allow the wig to soak for four or five minutes. After that turn the wig back to it's correct state with the hair fibers showing.  Do Not Scrub, but you can gently work a little more shampoo down the hair stands to cleanse.


Rinsing your Wig - Rinse the hair fully with the water traveling the same direction as the hair until the water runs clear.


Conditioning your Wig - Condition mid-shaft down to the ends.
    1. Please Avoid the base cap. (Appling Cond. at the bas may weaken the knots and cause hair loss to your wig)
    2. Allow the wig to sit another 3-4 minutes then rinse.
    3. Every 3-5 washes your piece may need a mask or deep condition to restore extra moisture


Final Rinse of Wig - Rinse thoroughly and gently squeeze any excess water out of your wig. 
    1. Use your towel to wrap your wig in and squeeze once more to get any additional water out.
    2. Avoid twisting the fibers to ensure there is no hair breakage tearing of the lace.  


Special Note - If you wear a wig every day I would highly recommend have two on hand.  This will extend the life-span of your wig and allow you to have one to wear when one is getting washed.  And if two human hair wigs is to costly consider getting a similar synthetic wig that is ready to wear when your human hair is getting washed.

If you still are not comfortable washing your human hair wigs, I provide personal wig wash services.  If your in the Dallas, Tx area I also provide concierge service.  

When your Hair looks Great you feel Great !!



Author: Dana Temesvary




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