How Long Before I lose my Hair with Chemo?


Chemo-related hair loss can emotionally affect people in different ways. To help you deal with any hair loss there are a few things that can help make your journey a little easier. My main desire is to share information so you know what to expect and ways you can take control to be better prepared. The good news is, not all cancer patients will lose their hair. Talk to your cancer care team about whether you can expect to experience hair loss as a result of your treatment. Depending on the chemotherapy drug and dosage given, the degree of hair loss if any can vary.

Process of Hair Loss

  • Initial chemo treatment started
  • After second treatment of chemo, scalp may begin to feel tender
  • Hair loss can be gradual and sometimes more sever with patches and clumps
  • Typically thinning starts within 7-14 days and by month three hair loss is often complete.

Ways to be Prepared for Hair Loss

  • Consider a wig - Look for a style that is similar to your own style & color- (View Wig Styles..)
  • Review cap constructions on a wig - 100% hand tied caps are the most comfortable
  • Protect your scalp with: hat's, scarves; wraps.
  • Be gentle with your hair- No braiding, ponytails or hard brushing
  • Purchase a silk pillow case, which will reduce friction when you sleep

Most of all be patient with yourself and for the regrowth of your hair. If you experience hair loss as a side effect from chemo therapy, it will probably start to grow back within three to six weeks of finishing treatment.

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