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If You want to add some length and volume to your hair, without the hassle of trying to grow your hair out, then hair extension are the easiest way to achieve that. However, the question you may be asking is, "How long will my extensions last!" 

Whether you want clip-ins for a special occasion or semi-permanent extensions that will last for weeks, this article will compare the difference and how long you can expect your extensions to last. 

In this article, I'm going to compare three types of extension and the average life expectancy for how long your hair extensions should last.  At you can see a variety of both synthetic and human hair extensions for purchase.   So let's get started and on comparing these three types of extensions to determine which is best for you.


Clip-in Synthetic Hair Extensions

If your thinking about extensions for a special occasion with only a few wears, then you definitely want to consider a synthetic hair extensions as an option. Take a look at some of the advantages for selecting synthetic fiber over human hair and the life expectancy of your extension:

  • Synthetic hair extensions are less-expensive-(average cost -
  • There ready-to-wear and can hold their style even after washing.
  • Life expectancy is about 3-4 months if worn daily and proper care.

16" Curl Back Extension  - Synthetic Hair 



12" Hair Extension | HF Synthetic Hair 

12" Synthetic-hair-extensions-heat-friendly-hairdo


Human Hair Extensions

Human hair is obviously more expensive, but if your looking for the most natural look and feel, then human hair will be your best choice. Just remember, human hair will need to be restyled after every wash just like you would with your own hair. Take a look at the following styles and the advantages you have with purchasing human hair extensions:
  • You can style the hair however you like with hot tools
  • There are a variety of kits to choose from that can be removed daily.
  • And Human Hair Extensions can last a year or more (I've had mine for several years)


16" 100% Remy Human Hair Extensions (5 Piece) | Clip In

16" Remy human hair extension- by hairdo


Original Halo Extension | 16" | Remy Human Hair 

Original Halo Extension- 16-Remy Human Hair


Tape-In Hair Extensions

Tape-In extensions are exactly what there name suggest. Literally there are two 1.5 inch panels of hair on tape that sandwich your own hair in-between to give you longer and thicker hair.  There are so many things that you can do with tape-in extensions that you can't do with clip-in extensions.  Tape-in extensions are also, the least expensive method available for semi-permanent hair extensions. Take a look at why so women are choosing Tape-in Extensions:

  • Tape-In extensions are lightweight & comfortable
  • Application is about an hour. 
  • Tape-In extensions are the least damaging of semi-permanent extensions
  • Your hair grows out naturally with the Tape-in Extensions
  • Best of all - you can wear you tape-in about 10-12 weeks before moving up

NOTE: Cheaper Non-Remy Hair Extensions won't last as long. The higher the quality of hair, then the less shedding, matting or tangling will occur.

If your still not sure which one of these may work best for you then you can Contact Me directly or request a consultation for a private fitting.  Let's create and give you the hair you have always wanted.




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