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Synthetic Wigs are often described as “Ready-to-Wear” and easy to maintain.  Even after washing your synthetic wig, your style will bounce back to its original shape once air dried.  However, there are some limitations for synthetic fibers.  The synthetic fiber is a man-made plastic only meant to look like natural hair fibers. Only Heat-Friendly Wigs were designed to ever have heat applied, otherwise using a curling iron, hair straightener, or blow dryer could singe or even melt the hair.  I've got some tricks to share that will break that rule. 


Tricks on How to Change a Synthetic Wig Style

 How to Prepare your Synthetic Wig:

  • First shake your wig out and Spritz with water
  • Place the wig on a head form and finger style in the direction you would like the hair to lay. Seeing the wig style on the head form allows you to get a 360 view of the style.
  • Comb the wig using a wide-tooth comb.- Synthetic hair can get as tangled, if not more tangled, than natural hair.

Trick # 1 Using a Steamer  Wig Steamer

  • Redirect the Hair -  If your wig needs a slight adjustment to get the hair to lay another direction, then give a slight burst of steam from your hand held steamer and comb in the direction desired.
  • Straighten Synthetic Hair - A steamer can also remove all memory and make your wig straight.  Note- (once the style has been changed your new style will stay the way you styled it)
  • Curl the Synthetic Hair- With plastic or sponge rollers set your style and steam each roller completely, once done allow the wig to cool and completely dry locking the style in place.


Trick # 2 - Using Hot RollersWig Services - Dana Temesvary

  • First Spritz the hair to dampen
  • Use velvet covered Hot Rollers to ensure the hot rollers do not get too hot
  • Once the style has been set and the hair cooled, remove the roller, comb through as needed.

Trick # 3 - Get a Hair Cut Wig Services - Dana Temesvary

  • Trim the hair on the wig into a flattering shape. - I recommend having a professional stylist customize your piece. Once trimmed the hair does not grow back!
  • From a Long with to a Shorter length/ Add Layers, Take out the extra bulk and make any wig customized to your face shape.


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Article written by Dana Temesvary



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