Wondering What Wigs are Best for Cancer Patients?

Often I hear from clients going chemo treatment that their scalp feels tender and is very sensitive. There are many wigs in the market today that look the same, but can feel completely different.  So let's discuss more on what to look for in a wig so that your wig looks natural, feels comfortable and feels like you. 


  What are Medical Wigs?

If you ever hear the term "medical wigs" the term is really just a reference to wigs that have additional cap features to ensure the highest comfort. For those experiencing severe to complete hair-loss such as Cancer, Alopecia, Trichotillomania or other medical conditions often prefer wigs that include some or all of the following features.:

Cap Features to Look for in a Wig

  • Double-Monofilament  Wigs- means the top portion of the wig is hand tied, which allows you to part the hair in any direction and has a second layer so that the top feels more like silk against your skin for the softest feel against your skin. 
  • Lace Front  Wigs -  Mimics a natural hairline with individual hairs sewn onto a soft lace and allows you to wear your hair off your face.
  • 100% Hand Tied Wigs - This means every hair has been hand tied into a soft mesh material with the least amount of seams for a lightweight wig with natural movement all over.   

Take a Look at TEMPO 100 Deluxe by Ellen Wille, (Lace front & 100% hand tied)

Tempo 100 Deluxe- Lace Front - 100% Hand Tied

  •  Silicon Material-  Strips of silicon allow the wig to create a suction to bare skin so that the wig doesn't slip.  Look for these strips along the nape ear tabs and across the top of the wig. 

 Cancer Sucks!  But just remember, "Your hair-loss is temporary and will grow back." 

If your still not sure and want personalized help on finding a wig style that looks just like you please don't feel you have to do it by yourself.  I'm here to help!  Contact me now for a free consultation.





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