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Shopping for your first wig can indeed be overwhelming!  Where do you start, will it look natural, will it fit, the list could simply go on. 

There are 5 key elements to consider before making your final wig choice. Keep these 5 things in mind when searching for a wig, you won’t get so overwhelmed and  you'll be on track for getting the right wig for yourself.  Of course, the best opportunity would be to find a local wig business, take your time try on a few styles and see the product in person. 

Let's jump right in to 5 elements you need to know and look for when selecting a new wig.  

5 Key Elements when Selecting a wig:

  1. Measure your Head
    1. Measure your head so you know what size to order.
    2. Wigs come in Petite/ Average/ Large
    3. If your wig doesn’t fit correctly, no matter how pretty it looks you will not feel secure.
  2.  Lifestyle / Hair Fiber
    1. How much time do you have or want to spend on your hair?
    2. Synthetic / Heat Friendly / Human Hair
    3. Chart below list some of the pros and cons of each Fiber.

Hair Fiber



Synthetic Hair

  • Ready to wear
  • Minimal Maintenance
  • Style & Color is permanent
  • Less investment than HH
  • Can tangle & frizz easier
  • Feels warmer than HH
  • Cannot apply heat to hair
  • Cannot be colored

Heat Resistant Hair (HD)

  • Natural Texture
  • Can change style with low heat
  • Color is permanent
  • Less investment than HH
  • Can tangle & frizz easier
  • Feels warmer than HH
  • Requires more maintenance than Syn.

Human Hair (HH)

  • Unlimited Styling Options
  • Most natural look and feel
  • Color can be customized
  • Cooler than synthetic fibers
  • Bigger Investment
  • Needs to be styled after ea. wash
  • Reacts to the environment


    1. Describes the details of how the wig is put together
    2. More features typically produce a more natural look.
    3. Less features typically more affordable and less natural features. 

Basic Cap

Machine wefted

Best with bangs

More Volume has pre-tease

Monofilament Part


Handtied where the hair parts

Can Not change the part

Looks like natural hair growth at the part

Monofilament Top

Handtied throughout the whole top area

You Can Part wherever you want

Looks like natural hair growth on top

100% Hand Tied

Has a soft material base for complete comfort

Multidirectional Parting

Great for severe to complete hair loss.

Lace front

Looks like natural hair growth

Can Style hair off the face



    1. STYLE
      1. Length – Short/ Medium/ Long
      2. Texture – Straight/ Curly/ Layered/ Bob
      3. I would recommend choosing a style & color that is close to how you typically wear your hair while you are getting more comfortable wearing alternative hair.

  1. COLOR
    1. With Synthetic there is a wide range of salon ready colors to choose.
    2. However, some brands can vary on their color options.
    3. Human hair colors may have limited colors, but can be customized.


“Don’t settle YOU deserve better!  Your Hair and how you feel about it Matters and it matters to me!”

As a consultant I walk through these 5 elements to understand my client's needs to help them look and feel their best.  This way it helps each one to achieve the confidence they need to fill the image they are looking for. 

With these 5 elements you are on your way to selecting your new/next wig that brings you to a shine!

If I can help you with and further questions, please book your FREE 15 min consultation.   It's an honor to help you with such an intimate purchase while helping you regain your confidence and image you want to present.  

Dana Temesvary

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