If you wear wigs, then you already know, "It's Very Important it is to Secure your Wig!  However, if your new to wigs, then this blog is for you.  I'm going to show you the steps I take, so that you can know how to prepare your hair and what to use to keep your wig secure and not move until "You Decide" to take it off.

Step 1 - Make sure your hair is completely flat.

  • Either braid or Wrap your hair and pin with bobby pins
  • Without hair, If your scalp is sensitive - Then a wig cap may help
  • Either way a wig cap is a personal preference

Step 2 - Apply It-Stays Body Adhesive 

  • Has a roll-on applicator
  • Safe and water soluble
  • Apply along the front hairline of your head

Step 3 - Next, Get a Wig-Secure by Amy Gibson

  • Wig-Secure is a soft Velvet Band
  • With a poly-urethan strip on one side for added grip
  • Comes in Brown & Beige
  • Simply wrap around your head, just behind the hairline
  • This item will prevent your wig from slipping

Step 4 - Your Ready to put your wig on

  • Make sure to check your tabs- should sit at your temple
  • Press and hold down along the hairline, so the It-Stays Body Adhesive takes hold
  • Then, finger through and style with your fingers

It's just that easy! With a few simple steps  your wig will be secure and won't come off until you decide to take it off.  Also, all the items I spoke about can by purchased at WigsbyDana.

I hope you found this article helpful and that it gave you the confidence to wear your wig with ease. Be sure to follow me on social medica for more tips on how to care for your hair, both natural and synthetic. Until next time, keep looking up and stay looking beautiful!

Written by,

Dana Temesvary

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