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Most people don't know how to store their wigs correctly and that's why they end up losing their shape, color, and style.  There is nothing worse that pulling your wig out to wear and you have a crimp in the hairstyle. But not anymore! I'm going share my secret for storing wigs at home or when traveling so they stay in peak condition!

Keep the wig in the shape that mimics the shape of your head. 

When your not wearing your wig or hair piece it's best to keep the piece stored in a similar shape as it would sit on your head.  This helps to keep the hair fibers from being bent or cold-set in an incorrect position. And who wants to fight with their hair when it keeps falling the wrong way. 

Where to store your wig when not wearing

Where to store your wig

  1. On a Styrofoam  or Mannequin Head

  2. On a Foldable Wig Stand 

  3. Store back In-side the box the wig came in - (Pack tissue inside the cap to keep the natural shape of your head)

How to store your wig or hair piece when you travel.   

If you're traveling, and wish to travel with more than one wig, no worries you can ditch the box and mannequin head to save space.  I have used a few methods for storing and this is a great time to carry your foldable wig stand that lays flat and you can pop up anywhere.  These tips will keep your hair protected and looking great.

  • Be sure to turn your wig inside out to help protect the hair fiber from friction
  • You can store your wig inside a silk/satin bag.
  • You can store inside a Gallon Zip-Lock Bag- (This protects your style from any liquids or aerosol sprays that may spill inside your suit case. )
  • Once you reach your location, pull your wig out ,and store back on your wig stand.  

How NOT to store your wig!

  • Never store your wig away while it is still damp.
    • Why - You may come back only to find your wig has a sour smell.  😋 
  • Never store your wig near heat or direct sunshine.
    • Heat can sing the hair and too much sun can cause the color to fade.
    • If you store in your closet on a head make sure the A/C-Heat Vent does not directly blow on the wig.  This can dry the fiber out.

Proper storage is key! I hope this blog eased your concerns on how to store your wig. As we share on this hair journey Now you can see It's not near as complicated as you may of thought. If you have other ways you like to store your wig please.  

Written by Dana


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