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How to Stop your Wig From Slipping

Do you feel like your wig is always slipping back or up at the nape?  If so, you're not alone. Many women experience this issue, but there are a few tricks that can help you keep your wig in place.  In this blog post, I'm going to share 5 simple tricks on how to keep you wig in place. 

If you have hair, it is crucial that you secure your own hair to prevent shifting of your own hair, which can cause your wig to move and slip up in the back.  I wear wigs and have long hair, so to secure my hair there are three items I use to ensure I have a secure foundation before I put my wig on.  Here are those items:

  1. Mesh Wig Cap
  2. Bobby Pins
  3. Wig Grip (Amy Gibson Secure Grip)

Adjustable Straps 

I know this on sounds simple, but if you are new to wigs you may not know that there are straps near the nape that can be tightened or loosed up.  If you have them too tight, then this could cause your wig to slide up in the back.  


Silicone Strips

Some of the more expensive wigs have silicone strips typically at the nape, ear tabs and sometimes across the crown area.  This helps to keep your wig in place and is designed to cling to your head.  Think of it as your wig gripping to your head.  If your wig does not have silicone strips and you would like to add them, you can have them added.  If that interest you, I provide a variety of wig services to help customize your wig just for you.  


Velcro Strips

This method may not be for everyone, but I do have a few clients who have attached a small section of Velcro Tape adhesive to the nape area of their wig. You only need the rough side of the Velcro, as it grabs ahold of your hair at the nape.  You can find this product at your local store or craft store.


Adhesive Products

Another favorite method to use is a double-sided tape or It-Stays Adhesive.  This method is very effective.  If you have hair, I recommend using the It-Stays as it can be applied around your hairline and it's okay if it gets on your hair as well.  This product is water soluble and can gently release by spritzing with a little water without damaging your own hair. 

Thank you for reading! I hope these methods of preventing wig slippage help you. If you feel the slippage is due to an incorrect size, please contact me regarding alterations and possible resizing of your wig. I provide concierge wig services throughout Dallas, Texas and surrounding cities.


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