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Are you unsure on how to wash your wig or if your doing it right?  No worries, I hear this all the time!  The good news is, it's a lot easier then you think.

 Common Questions asked about a wig washing:

  • Do I need to wash my wig?
  • How often should I wash my wig?
  • How do I wash my  synthetic Wig?

Actually, synthetic wigs are easy to care for - all you need is a little know-how and the right products!  Just follow these next few steps and you will have your synthetic wig smelling fresh and ready-to-wear in no time.

You can also watch my YouTube video for an actual washing below:

Step One - Remove any tangles

It's important to comb out any tangles your wig may have. This is more so with long wig styles. Why? Because once the hair is wet it's harder to comb through and you risk stretching the synthetic fiber and causing breakage.


Step Two - Fill Sink or Basin with Cool to slightly Luke-Warm Water.

Then add a small amount of shampoo into the water and mix. 


Step Three - The Wig Wash Cycle

  1. Turn wig inside out
  2. Gently dunk several times & then let soak for 5 minutes.
  3. Add a touch more shampoo and gently massage your fingers across the lace to remove any access make-up.
  4. Turn your wig right-side out so the hair shows and repeat dunking your wig several more times.
  5. The in and out of the water process is like putting your wig through a gentle wash cycle.


Step Four - The Wig Rinse Cycle - (Your almost done!)

  • Now, replace your wash water with fresh cool water for the rinsing process.  Add a little conditioner to the water and dunk your wig several more times. I typically run the water directly over the hair as a final rinse.  The key is to fully rinse so there is no residue left on the hair.  
  • Then gently squeeze the wig and hair to remove the bulk of water and t lay out on a towel to cover and pat a few more times to remove as much moisture as possible.  

Step Five - Prepare for drying of your wig.

Spritz the hair with a detangler or light leave in condition, gently comb the hair back into place. Finally, place you wig on a open wig stand so the air can circulate inside the cap to dry completely before wearing.

That's the  beauty of owning a synthetic wig.  The hair-style is cooked in  and will maintain it's original shape even after washing.


Note:  The longer you have your wig and the length of your style, washing alone is not enough to keep your wig looking it's best. Due to heat from the body and constant friction the fibers in the back and at the nape will begin to look frayed and rough.  If you can't replace the style right away, then Wigs by Dana offers wig services and can refurbish your wig for longer wear. 

Contact me today to discuss having your wig washed and refurbished.  I provide concierge service and delivery or you can ship your item to have me service your piece professionally.

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