Does your wig fit too big on your head? Not for long, because I'm going to show you 5-easy steps on "How to make your wig cap smaller for a more snug and comfortable fit."

  Determine where there is excess material on your wig.

  • Crown Area (This Blog is going to focus on the Crown Area)
  • Nape
  • Over the ears
  • All of the above areas

Everyone's head shape and size can vary from ultra petite, average, large and all in between. Once you have determined where there is extra bulk or feels loose you will know where to focus on for resizing your wig.  Let's take a look now at how you can resize your wig-cap  for the back crown area of your wig.

   5 Easy Steps to Resize Your Wig Smaller In Crown Area:

  1. Gather the crown area to determine how much needs to be removed
  2. Remove 1-2 rows across the crown section-(typically between 4-5 elastic bands going vertical . This helps to reduce the density as well.
  3. Once you remove the wefts, cut through the elastic band.
  4. Then pull the elastic up to for a tighter fit  and sew back together
  5. Once sewed, cut off any excess elastic and discard.

For a better visual see the images below:

How to Resize your wig - WigsbyDana - 01
How to Resize your Wig - WigsbyDana- 02
How to Resize your Wig - Wigsbydana - 03


Still not sure on how to resize your wig?  Then contact me so I can further assist you.  Also, if you would like to see more blogs like this and how to resize your wig in other areas please let me know below. 

Getting a wig that is snug and fits properly can make a world of difference, so you can feel confident and be comfortable all day or night long.  

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