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Ever feel like your wigs or hairpieces need some serious TLC?  Well, look no further!  That’s exactly what  Dana offers - specialized alternative hair services tailored to meet the specific needs of your hair to look fabulous once again.    Consider it a “Spa Day for your Hair.” =-)

 Professional Wig Services

If you have alternative hair pieces that look like they need to be replaced, are frizzy and have lost their once loved luster?  Your alternative hair piece may be salvageable.  So, before you toss your wig or hair piece out, let a professional service your synthetic and human hair wig.  And that is exactly what I do as a wig specialist and licensed hair stylist.  Take a look at the example below and see how amazing the difference can be.  



Wigs by Dana - Wig-services-dallas-texas

Hair Care Treatments

I have worked in the wig industry for 20years.  And I promise you there are tricks of the trade that can be done to make your synthetic hair pieces to keep them looking their best.  And we all know human hair wigs are gorgeous, but there is work involved to keep them looking healthy and beautifully styled.  Below at some of the wig services offered. 

  • Primary Hair Care Treatment - Synthetic 
  • Sultry Hair-Care Treatment - Heat-Friendly Fiber
  • Swanky Hair-Care Treatment - Human Hair
  • Ritzy Hair-Care Treatment - Human Hair 

Additional Wig Services

Have you ever purchased a wig that just doesn’t seem to fit right? There are solutions that can help resolve that issue as well.  Just like your clothes, sometimes a slight wig alterations to make your wig smaller or larger is all you need to get the comfortable fit you’re looking for.  

Concierge Wig Services

If you live in Dallas, Texas or slightly east of Dallas then you can schedule a consultation or pick/up and delivery to have your alternative hair pieces to be washed and serviced. 

So treat yourself and let someone else do the dirty work. You will save time and be able to focus on other things while your hair is enjoying a spa day.


Drop Off Location

If you live in the Dallas area you may be wondering if you can just bring in your piece to be serviced.  No worries, I've got you covered. 

The Beauty Box Salon | Dallas, Texas

Beauty Box Salon - Dallas-Texas

I am collaborating with the Beauty Box Salon in Dallas.  They have a great team of talented stylist who specialize extensions and hair color.  Voted as the Best Dallas Hair Extension Salon.  Each of us love to create beautiful hair and give our clients the hair they always wanted.  You can see more photo's on their Facebook page : @dallasbeautybox 

(Dana with the Fabulous Beauty Box Salon Team)

Wigs by Dana & The Beauty Box Team | Dallas, Texas

Whether it's a new wigs, hair extensions, toppers or just a Spa Day for your alternative hair it's time to treat and give your hair some TLC.

So don’t wait another day!  You can reach out to the salon or call me directly at 214-609-5700.  Let’s get you and your hair looking fabulous.

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