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STOP! Here's 4 things to avoid that can damage your synthetic wigs.

Synthetic wigs are a popular choice because they are ready to wear, easy to care for and need little to know styling. However, synthetic fiber and heat are not friends Heat damage is one of the most common ways that synthetic wigs become damaged. There's no need to be in fear, but It's important to be aware of the ways heat can damage your wig and how to avoid it. 

1. Heat from the body

Some people do run hotter than others and I have seen wigs that lay more against the neck line combined with the constant friction begin to take a toll on the fiber. You may start to notice the fiber at the nape start to look more frizzy compared to the fiber at the top of the wig.

  • Solution: Try wearing a headband or scarf around our wig line. This will help absorb some of the heat and keep the fiber from being damaged.

2. Avoid Sudden Burst Of Heat

Opening the oven is probably one of the most common ways I see wigs get ruined. We have all been there, cooking dinner and decide to check and open the open not thinking of that sudden burst of heat can quickly cause synthetic hair fibers to melt and fuse together, ruining the style and look of your wig.

  • Solution:  Have other options like pretty headwear and turbans to wear instead when cooking.  Visit WigsbyDana for a variety of turbans, hats and options that you feel comfortable in. Another option is to always have a second wig or old wig that you throw on when cooking.  

3. Take Caution with Heating Lamps 

Tanning Beds

If you frequent tanning beds or saunas, beware that the heat from these lamps can damage your wig. And let's not forget about those heating lamps that keep you warm and toasty when you're outside.  As good as the heat may feel you do not want to stand too close or directly under them.

  • Solution: The key is to keep your distance from any heat lamps.  If you're in a tanning bed, just remove your wig or at least cover with a towel or some form of headscarf to prevent damage.  

4. Take Caution With Hot Tool 

Heat Styling Tools

**If you happen to use hot tools, such as curling irons and flat irons, make sure you're wig is  heat-resistant / heat-friendly fiber.**

  • A good rule of thumb is to just keep all hot tools stored away from wear your wig is sitting.
  • However, even if you wig or hair piece is heat-friendly make sure you Do Not go above 350 or hold the hot-tool in one spot for too long causing heat damage.   

My goal is to help you avoid any heat damage to your wigs!

If you do accidentally damage your wig with heat, don't despair, your wig may still  be salvageable. If you have any questions about wig care or if you need help fixing a damaged wig, I'm hear to help.  I provide professional wig services including repairs and styling. Contact Me Today!

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