If you wear wigs or hair toppers, then you already know finding a perfect match can sometimes be a challenge.  Creating a custom topper out of your own hair is the best way overcome not being able find one that matches. It should be as close in style, color and texture for natural looking results.

Benefits of a Hair Topper:
  • Toppers are lightweight and cooler to wear vs a wig
  • You can blend a topper in with your own hair.
  • You can wear ya topper and still pull your hair up in a pony-tail.
  • Toppers add instant volume and coverage in literally a snap.

    Human Hair Toppers Vs Synthetic Toppers

    Yet, with all the options in the market there's still hasn't been a topper created for every persons specific needs.  So we have to think outside the box and create our own solution. 

    No worries!  If you come across a wig that matches your hair then I'm about to share, "How you can turn your wig into a topper."

    Steps to Turn your Wig Into a Topper

    1. Turn the wig you have inside out. 
    2. Measure the top area of your head to determine the size needed. Turn your wig into a topper
    3. The minimum size should include the whole top crown area, but can extend if more coverage is needed.
    4. Carefully cut between the wefts, avoiding all strands of hair.Turn your wig into a topper
    5. Avoid cutting any areas where there is lace, which could fray or cause hair-loss.
    6. Then decide where clips are needed and sew on as many as needed for a secure fit
    7. Turn your wig into a topper
    8. Attach and secure your hair topper and trim or blend as needed.Custom made topper from a wig

    If you are still struggling to find a topper to match your hair, then contact me and I can help find or create your personalized topper.


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