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What kind of wig looks most natural?

Whether you choose a human hair wig or a synthetic, most people don’t want the whole world to know they are wearing a wig, Right!  The top concern or question I here from client’s when trying on wigs is “What kind of wig looks most natural?”

Of course, seeing first hand is always best, so if you can try on several wigs and have a private consultation then I recommend starting there. I offer video consultations and Private In-Home consultations with a wig or topper selecting for Dallas, Texas and surrounding cities.  Schedule Consultation Today!

As a professional wig consultant and wig wearer I’ve discovered there is a difference in wigs.  Which is why I want to share the following tips to help you in having the most natural looking wig. 

Tip #1 - Know your wig size

Having the right size wig is always step #1 for me when helping clients find the perfect wig.  If a wig is too small it will ride up and not give the coverage you need.  If a wig is too big, then you won’t feel secure, there will be excess bulk and the edges may irritate you by sitting to low at the ear tabs and nape.  See below on how to measure to get the most natural and comfortable fit.


How to measure your head for a wig


Tip # 2 - Rooted and Blended Colors

Rooted colors provide dimension and give a more natural look.  Natural hair typically has a variation of tones due to the sun, unless you’re putting an all over color.  So, if roots are out of the question for you then at least I recommend choosing a blend of two colors. See below just how natural rooted wigs and a blend of colors can look. 


Sky by Ellen Wille

Sky – by Ellen Wille in color Light Honey Rooted (Med. Honey Blonde, Platinum Blonde, and Light Golden Blonde with dark Roots


Curve Appeal by Raquel Welch

Curve Appeal - by Raquel Welch in color RL30/27 (Med. Auburn evenly blended with Strawberry Blonde) 


Tip # 3 – Cap Construction – Natural Hair growth

Cap construction is one of the biggest indicators on how natural your wig will actually look.  Two features to look for are: Monofilament Top and Lace Front Wigs.

Monofilament Tops – Each hair has been individually hand tied onto a soft lace material which mimic natural hair growth and multidirectional movement.  There’s no pre-tease and sheer base reveals your own skin tone.

Wefted Wig


Lace Front Wigs – Are hand tied and blend seamlessly into your own skin tone.  This allow you to wear the hair off your face and looks completely natural when you or anyone else is up close.
 Lace front Vs No Lace front

Tip # 4 - Personalize your wig with a Haircut

The good news is you only need one haircut because the hair is not going to grow out. Even with ready to wear wigs and human hair wigs have a precut style, everyone face is shaped different.  Some wigs may just need a a slight bang trim or framing the face a little more.  Having a slight trim is where you can customize the shape and have your wig look natural assent your face shape.  

Tip # 5 - Line up your Hair-Line

I know this may be obvious, but make sure your not wearing your wig is not sitting too far back or too far forward. Even if you have no hair, the wig should sit right at where your natural hairline would be.

Tip # 6 - Replace your wig regularly or have 2 wigs to alternate with

Wigs are not designed to last forever and If you only have 1 wig, you will need to replace even sooner.  If you wear a wig daily, then I would recommend having at least two wigs so that you can rotate while one is getting washed.  The lifespan for a synthetic wig is about 4-6 months or longer if you don't wear every day.  With proper care, human hair wigs can last a year if not worn daily even longer. 

These are just a few of my top tips for getting the most natural wig for yourself.  If your still having issues, please reach out and I'll be happy to share solutions for your specific wig challenge. Now you know: "What kind of wig looks most natural?"

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