Regardless if this is your first wig, hairpiece or topper you’re looking for a new hair style the goal is to find a wig or hairpiece that looks great and you feel confident wearing.  And we all know about online shopping, with its beautiful photography that make every wig look fabulous. However, there's one question that still remains... "Will the wig you purchase look great on you?"

Which is why I wanted to share the wonderful opportunity I had at Merle Norman Boutique, in Forney, Texas where I met Sue and was able to provide a "Customized Wig Experience." 

Sue has often felt her wigs had too much hair, which resulted in a less than perfect experience.  That one comment, led me to look closer at the short wig she was wearing, which I quickly discovered she needed a smaller cap size to achieve the proper fit she was looking for. Wigs are not a one size fits all and with different face shapes the same style can look different from one person to the next person.

That's where the real magic came about for me with Sue and her short wigs. That's the difference of working with someone in person and being able to hear of their issues and resolve issues that may be missed when just shopping online.

Short Wig | Cutting and Customization Service - Dallas, TX

Not only was Sue able to have the proper fit for her wig, she received a customization which look more natural like her own hair used to be. This experience she couldn't get online. Shop all short wigs!

I take great joy in being able to make a difference in another person's life through alternative hair. Sue walked out feeling confident and glowed with the biggest smile, which is priceless.   

Short Wig customer Sue, look how natural her wig looks after its been customized

If you need help with your wig, hairpiece or topper and not sure where to start, I offer a free video consultation and Private In-Home Consultations for those in the Dallas, Tx area.  Let's get you glowing and feeling confident like Sue.  Contact me today for a FREE Consultation!

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