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Summer time has always been my favorite season with longer days, outside events and let's not forget pool time.  However, living in Texas that also means some really hot temperatures.

Wigs & Tips to Beat the Summer Heat

If wearing a wig is not an option this summer, don't be discouraged.  Here are a few tips to keep in mind when selecting a style during the summer heat. 

Choose a Synthetic or a Blend over human hair

  • Synthetic wigs are ready to wear, lighter in weight and don’t lose their style even if it gets wet.
  • Human Hair is heavier in weight and reacts to the weather
  • Maybe consider having a human hair and a synthetic hair for when your in the sun all day.

Choose Short to Med Length Wig Styles

The Power of the Pixie. A no fuss classic style that comes in so many versions.  Check out this best selling Pixie that comes in a beautiful gray.

Tab by Ellen Wille | Short Wig

This short Lace Front wig gives you a natural hairline and allows you to wear the hair off your face. And the short tapered neck line is the best for hot summer heat.  Shop Tab by Ellen Wille

Need a little more attitude or curls for your short style? Then get ready to turn some heads when you wear this next style.


Turn by Ellen Wille | Curly Wig

Still a short style but off the neck, has lace front to wear the hair off your face and playful curls that last through the rain or shine. Shop Turn by Ellen Wille

And if short isn't an option for you, don’t worry…I have some tips for you as well.  Just because you have a long wig, doesn’t mean you can't style it differently to keep cooler and beat some of the summer heat.

Change up the style on a long wig

Try some braids or an up do to pull the hair off your face and off your neck  And don't forget the barrettes and hair accessories

Get creative with longer hairstyles by adding your own personal touch to pull hair away from your face and off the neck as much as possible.  So enjoy your summer and know there are some great wigs and creative ways to wear your wig and still keep cool.

Not sure what style or color you want? Let me help and schedule a FREE consultation today!

Author: Dana Temesvary

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