Are you struggling with your human hair wig? 

Having constant tangles, dry hair and have tons of frizz?

Bad Hair Image

Don't Give Up...

We’ll I’ve got good news, before you discard or loose all hope on your human hair wig or hair piece. 

A Brazilian Blowout can do wonders on restoring the human hair fibers, so you can a experience less frizz, less tangles and more shine.  A Brazilian Blowout will also help to straighten any natural waves in your human hair wig, making it easier to maintain if you tend to flat-iron your wig each day.    

Check out the picture below of a human hair wig that my client had given up on.  I had already removed the tangles and washed, so the first picture isn’t anywhere near as bad as it came in looking.

***Wow - What a difference!!***

Human Hair Fiber- Restored after a Brazilian Blowout

How to restore your human hair wig | learn more . . .

My client was so happy, she felt like she was getting a new wig back.  If your human hair wig or hairpiece needs some help I’ll be happy to restore your piece with a Brazilian Blowout.

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Author:  Dana Temesvary

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