If you have thin or flat hair like me, then I would highly recommend trying a hair topper.

I wear both wigs and top pieces, but with a hair topper I can get longer fuller hair and have the freedom to still pull my hair up.  Especially here in Dallas, Texas the summers can get pretty hot!

Please check out my short video to see how easy it is for me to put on my 18” Top Style - Human Hair Topper by Jon Renau (custom colored by me) . Just a few snaps and soon you'll go from skinny hair to fabulous hair.  There's toppers also known as top pieces of every size and hairstyle.  The Top Style by Jon Renau is just my favorite hair toppers, but be sure to my entire Topper Collection to find the piece that works best with your hairstyle.

If you need assistance with your hairpiece or need a custom color, I'd love to help you find your perfect match and create the image you are looking for with your own hair.  Contact me here...

Dana - author

Licensed Hair Stylist



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