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Hair Loss and Thinning Hair Solutions

Have you been experiencing hair loss or thinning hair you never noticed before?

There seems to be more and more people complaining of thinning hair and hair loss that have never had the issue and some have always had very thick hair.  So why now?  Is Covid-19 the cause of this hair loss and will the thinning continue?

There can be many causes as to why one may experience hair loss such as hereditary hair Loss, cancer treatment, alopecia, giving child birth, illness or other stressors.  Yet, there seems to be a pattern of individuals experiencing thinning and hair loss who had the virus or was vaccinated for Covid-19.

The website provides a list of common side effects, but hair loss is not listed.  Yet, there is one common element that most Covid-19 individuals experience, which is fever.  As I mentioned there are many causes that can cause hair loss such as Illness, fever, and major stress, which many of us have experienced over this past year.  Sounds like a cocktail for trouble to me.

I did come across two important subjects that helped me to understand why there has been this increase in hair loss after experiencing Covid-19.

  1. Telogen Effluvium
    1. characterized by hair shedding 2‐3 months after a stressor
    2. resulting in large numbers of hair follicles entering into a resting phase
    3. a temporary condition until the natural hair growth cycle returns.


  1. Three Cycles of Hair Growth
    1. 90% growing
    2. 5% resting
    3. Up to 10% shedding

In fact, when there is a major stress or shock, I’ve learned up to 50% of your hair can move into the resting or called shedding phase.

The good news is this is Not a Permanent Disorder and once the hair completes the shedding phase the hair begins to grow back.

If you are still concerned then definitely see you doctor to rule out any other possible causes. In the meantime relax, take vitamins and continue to take care of yourself to stay strong and healthy. Here are a few of my favorite hair toppers which are great for fine and thinning hair, even work for early stages of hair loss. For more information regarding hair loss please book a personal consultation.

Dana Temesvary - Author

Licensed Cosmetologist 

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