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4-Wig Myths

There are many myths about wearing wigs, that often keep people from even trying on a wig.  You may of even had some of these same questions about wigs, so to help clear any confusion I plan to dispel some of these common myths.  Whether it's out of necessity or just because you like the idea and ease of having a great hair day no matter what,  there's lots of  reasons why wearing one will be worth it for your self-esteem and confidence. 

Here are 4-Myths about wearing wigs

Myth # 1 - Wearing wigs can cause hair-loss

  • Wigs with a proper fit will not cause or increase hair-loss.

Wig Tip- Make sure you have a good fit/not too tight/and there are no clips that are pulling tightly on your own hair.


Myth # 2 - Wigs will fall off your head un-expectedly

  • When secured properly your wig can stay on all day until you choose to take off.

Wig Tip- Whether you have hair or not I highly recommend using a Wig Secure.  This is a must-have item for me and I wear with all my wigs. 

Product Recommendations to prevent any wig movement

  1. Amy Gibson - Wig-Secure 
  2. It-Stays- Self Adhesive   


Myth # 3 - You can't sleep in your wig

  • Simply not true.  However, for comfort and to keep the fiber from too much friction or tangling, I wouldn't recommend doing so on a regular basis.  I compare it to wearing a bra all day (a necessity during the day), but once home you like to take off for complete relaxation.

Wig Tip- If you do need to sleep in your wig, use a silk pillow case. And if you have 2 wigs, use the older one to put on when sleeping.


Myth # 4 - Other people will know I'm wearing a wig.

  • Wigs have come a long way over the years.  With all the advanced technology used in making wigs today, there are wigs that you virtually can't differentiate from your own natural hair. 

Wig Tip- Look for the following cap features for a more natural look.(synthetic or human hair): Hand-Tied wigs - Lace Front wigs - Monofilament wigs

I have hair, but just because I have hair does not mean I like how my hair looks.  With wigs I can have a great hair day rain or shine and feel good about your image.  So let's connect.  Call or Email  me so I can know how I can help and find you a style that works for you and your lifestyle.  I want you to enjoy the benefits and learn to love wearing wigs as much as I do. 

WigsbyDana offers a multitude of styles in synthetic hair fiber and human hair fiber.  Love your hair and feel confident with alternative hair like I have for so many years.  


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