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Long Red Hair

Have you ever looked at wigs and hair pieces and felt like there's just not a color that represents your personal style or color choice? This is where human hair fiber gives you much more freedom in creating your own customized look!

After 15+ years in the wig industry I've discovered there is a difference when coloring your own bio hair from coloring  human hair wigs/hairpieces. 

Which is why I've written this blog, to help you have success when choosing to color your alternative human hair piece.

Step 1 - Decide on the color goal

When coloring  it's best to stay within two shades of what the wig actually is. If highlights are desired then,  choose a wig that is closer in tone with your highlight's. It is better to add color than to try and highlight. Bleach is a harsh chemical and can result in hair loss and permanently damage your hair piece.

 Step 2 - Do a hair test strand

Hair Test Strand

  • Always do a test strand to determine how the color takes
  • Adjust color formula if needed

 Step 3 - Prepare your piece for coloring

  • If needed wash piece to remove any product from the hair
  • Gently come through to remove any tangles
  • Secure your piece with T-pins to a  mannequin head
  • Mix your color and your ready to begin.

 Step 4 - Color Customization

This is where you get to personalize and create the color that is truly yours.

For the Root Color Application:

I like to start at the nape area and apply about an  inch of color at the root to create a soft shadow effect.  As you continue up, make sure to take thin partings .

For the Low-light Application:

You will want to have your foil and mixed color ready so you can take small sections to add the lowlights for a more customized color. Cross-check at the roots to ensure you have not missed any spots and set your timer to process.

Once the hair has processed you are ready to rinse with cool water and gently remove all the foils and complete your wash.  At this point you can tone if needed or continue with a condition and style out.

I hope this blog has helped you understand more about the process and the steps to consider before you decide to color any human hair piece.  As you can see human hair is beautiful and with a customized color you can achieve a color that's uniquely yours.

If you need further assistance or have a piece you want colored call me at 214-609-5700 to discuss more. 

Be sure to check out more Human Hair Wigs to find your perfect style at WigsbyDana.

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