Fall is the perfect time to experiment with new hair colors

Fall Season

Whether you're looking for something bright and bold or subtle and sophisticated I’ve pulled together a list of fall hair colors that you’re bound to find a favorite of your own.

You can enhance your best features by adding highlights or lowlights to a favorite color. Consider soft caramel hues that frame the face to brighten up darker shades, while softly highlighting one's eyes and smile for an overall youthful look! 

You may not be a person who wants a complete transformation, but adding some different tones to your hair is the easiest way to re-energize your look and give you a new sense of confidence,  

Take a look at this picture below and how beautiful a hair color can look with blend of several tones.

Autumn Hair Colors

So weather it's your own bio hair your needing ideas for, or a new wig style your thinking of...  here is my list of "Top Fall Hair Colors",  from top designer wig companies to consider. Go ahead take some ideas for your next wig purchase or share with your stylist so you can achieve the best fall look this season. 


Since red is my favorite I'll start with my top picks for Red Tones  From beautiful crimson reds or if your looking for more of a subtle red blend then check out these gorgeous reds tones and style below:

  1. SAFRAN BROWN ROOTED 29.28.33 -| Medium Auburn, copper Red and light auburn blend with Med Auburn Roots (style-Open by Ellen Wille)
  2. RL31/29 FIEREY COPPER | Medium Light Auburn Evenly Blended with Ginger Blonde (style- Crowd Pleaser by Raquel Welch)


If you are a natural brunette, then get ready to fall in love with the beautiful chocolate series by Jon Renau.  With beautiful blends of caramel and auburn tones you just might not ever go back to a solid color. Take a look at my top picks for brunette hair colors.
  1. FS6/30/27 TOFFEE TRUFFLE - Brown, Medium Red-Gold, Medium Red-Gold Blonde Blend with Medium Gold Blonde Bold Highlights. (style- Cameron by Jon Renau)
  2. RL8/29SS SHADED HAZELNUT  Warm Medium Brown Evenly Blended with Ginger Blonde with Dark Roots (Style- Top Billing by Raquel Welch)


  1. BERNSTEIN ROOTED - Light Brown Base with Subtle Light Honey Blonde and Light Butterscotch Blonde Highlights and Dark Roots (Below - Jamila Plus by Ellen Wille)
  2. RL10/22SS -SHADED ICED CAPPUCCINO Light Brown shaded with Medium Blonde (Style- Up Close and Personal by Raquel Welch)

So have some fun and add a little spice to your favorite color with some additional tones, a darker root, or create a whole new image with one of my Fall Hair Color Favorites.  If you need help deciding on what color looks best with your skin tone you can schedule a Free Video Consultation with me at Wigs by Dana to help find your perfect look.

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Best Fall Hair Color Ideas

Fall is the perfect time to experiment with new hair colors Whether you're looking for something bright and bold or subtle and sophisticated I’...

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