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Did you know that many wigs are considered medical devices and therefore, exempt from sales tax? That’s right! You could save a lot of money if your wig qualifies as a medical device.

Who qualifies for a Tax-Free Wig?

If you’ve lost your hair as the result of a medical condition like alopecia, or a medical treatment like chemotherapy then you may be qualify for a tax deduction and be able to get your wig without having to pay any sales tax

Steps for Getting Approved for a Tax-Free Wig

1.) Contact your Medical Health Care Provider and ask about benefits and coverage. 

2.) Questions to ask you Medical Insurance Company:

  • Does your policy covers a cranial prosthesis
  • If yes, what type of cranial prosthesis is covered (i.e. synthetic wigs, human hair wigs, etc.)
  • How much of the cost will they cover
  • What specific terminology they need to have on the prescription for a wig
  • What specific documentation they need to submit your claim.

3.) Ask your doctor for a written prescription for a "Cranial Prosthesis"  including the medical procedure code A9282. Make sure the prescription - does not say “wig.”   For insurance a wig is considered a fashion item and considered not medically necessary.

If your insurance company refuses to pay for your cranial prosthesis, there are other options to help you obtain one. Your prosthesis may be tax-deductible, for example, or you may be able to find resources through charity programs or support resources. 

Other Options for getting a Tax-Free Wig

Charity programs

Charity programs are available to help you cover the cost of a cranial prosthesis. Check out reputable charity sites or call your local American Cancer Society for more information on how they can advocacy and fund-raise with their many resources!

Wigs by Dana - Paying it Forward - Donations

For years I have been selling wigs and helping others through their hair-loss journey.  However, some of my most precious memories has been when I have been able to provide a "FREE WIG" for someone who needed a wig and did not have the means to purchase one.  I still collect donated wigs and enjoy the opportunity when I have something on hand that I can bless another with.  If you are going through chemotherapy or have Alopecia and are not able to purchase a wig I would love to be able to help.  If this is you please contact me through this Contact Form with your Name, e-mail and state "Donation Wigs."  I will follow up with you regarding your request and if I have anything available. 

No that you know about getting tax-free wigs, please share this blog to help another.  Also, be sure to check out for the latest in top wig styles to find your new look! 


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