Working at Bravadas Wigs & Extensions in Dallas, Texas for almost 5 years was truly a life changing experience that I will never forget!!

As the Store Manager during that time, I was able to encourage others who struggled with hair loss whether it was from chemo treatment, alopecia, thinning or just needed a change. Not always an easy task, when your client is afraid or angry at even needing a wig or hairpiece. I stayed focused on finding best hair solution and would gently guide my clients through the process.  I could see  how emotional the purchase was and wanted to make the experience as positive as I could.  No matter what my goal has always been to treat everyone the way I would want to be treated.

At Bravadas Wigs & Extensions we had the privilege of donating a wig/ hairpiece to Amanda T., a single mom who was diagnosed with Stage 4 Cancer.

This picture was of the day Amanda shared her story at Bravadas regarding her journey with cancer with a news reporter to be aired on TV.  Amanda's determination to press forward and stay strong was no doubt an inspiration.

Bravadas Wigs & Extensions Store | Dallas, TX

It's been many years ago, but the miracle of Amanda and her strength is unforgettable.  I'm so happy to say Amanda is still as beautiful as ever, healthy and enjoying life with family and loved ones. 

I look back at all the reviews left by clients and I am reminded just how much our actions can impact another persons life for the good. Which is why I love what I do and decided to open my own alternative hair business:, providing personalized In-Home concierge services in the greater Dallas area.

Thanks to Scott Starks (left) - owner of Bravadas, who provided me the opportunity to manage his store and experience so many great relationships that built upon the person I am today.

If you need help finding the perfect wig, hairpiece or topper please schedule an appointment!


Wigs by Dana

Dallas, Tx 


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