Most women enjoy getting pampered or the chance at having a spa day right?  Well if you wear wigs, toppers or hair pieces your “alternative hair” can enjoy a spa day as well.

With the events of 2020 and the isolation dealing with COVID-19 anyone getting a spa day came to a halt.  You couldn’t visit a wig shop or hair salon for any type  of hair services. 

That’s why as a hair stylist and wig specialist I love being able to provide curb side wig delivery for my customers.  When your hair looks good your confidence and whole attitude is lifted.

We live in a fast pace world and to often we can’t get everything we want to get done in 24 hrs.  That’s where my curb side delivery can save you time, reduce any worry about your hair and give you personalized wig service right to your door. Truly a personalized service because I do care.

So treat yourself by letting me give your alternative hair a spa day.  I always recommend owning at least two wigs, so that you always have one ready to wear while one is getting washed.  That way your hair looks great, you feel confident and you never have to worry about having a bad hair day.

Wash, color, style  and curbside Wig Delivery.  I’m here to help you love your hair again.

Curb Side Delivery


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