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Have you ever wondered what the difference is between all of the different wig cap constructions out there?  There are many wig styles that may look the same, but once you try a few on, you will soon realize there are big differences.   How the hair is attached to the wig cap drastically impacts how natural the style will look and how comfortable it is when wearing. To ensure you're selecting the best wig for yourself, my goal is to explain the difference in cap construction features. 


100% Hand-Tied 

For the ultimate in Luxury and craftmanship.  Each and every single hair is individually inserted into a soft fabric mesh type lace that gives the illusion of natural hair growth.  Also, it allows you to part the hair in any direction. Perfect for sensitive scalps and extremally lightweight. 

100% Hand-tied Cap


 Monofilament or Double-Monofilament Top

To ensure the top crown area of your wig looks natural and can be parted in any direction then a monofilament top is a must.  Each hair is still individually tied into the top base.  Then for an extra level of comfort a double monofilament top which provides a second layer of material swill hide the knots from tying the hair into the cap and keeps the material smooth and soft against your skin.  

Mono and Double Monofilament Cap

 Monofilament Part + Wefted Cap

The location of the part may differ from one wig to the next, but as long as where the hair parts, having the hair individually sewn in will give the illusion of natural hair-growth.  The limitation is you can't change the part.  And if you're not one to change your part then it's a great way to still have a natural look without having to pay the higher cost of a full monofilament top or 100% hand-tied wig.

Monofilament Part Cap

 Lace Front or Extended Lace Front

If bangs are not for you and you prefer to wear your hair away from your face.... Then a lace front wig is a must when selecting your wig.  The hair is sewn individually along the hairline onto a soft tulle lace material giving the illusion of natural hair growth.  For extended lace front the area hand-tied extends from temple to temple rather than just at the forehead.

Lace-Front Cap

Machine Wefted Cap

This type of cap is also called a basic wig cap. The hair is sewn by machine on to wefts and typically have a good amount of pre-tease to prevent anyone seeing the base of the wig.  This type of cap is more cost effective when there is a budget to consider.

Machine Wefted Cap


With so many styles to choose from it can be difficult to find the right one.  Don’t waste any more time or money on the wrong wig style! If you are looking for a professional and experienced stylist, call or email me today and I will help guide you through your options.

I love a Hand-tied wig, but can still have quality and a natural look with a monofilament part and lace-front hairline.  What's your favorite style and wig cap construction?


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