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It's no secret that one of the most common complaints from new wig wearers is how shiny their wig is.  The problem with synthetic wigs is that they sometimes have a shine to the hair, which may appear unnatural to some.   If you are facing this issue, here are some tips on how to remove the shine from your synthetic wig:

3 Tips On How to Remove Shine

  1.  Shampoo Hair. Some manufactures put a light sheen on the hair fibers in an attempt to protect the hair through shipping. By giving you new wig a wash it helps to remove that newness and lesson the shine. The more washes the more the shine will lesson. Wash Hair
  2. Powder Products - There are a variety of powders that will work.
  • Baby Powder/Talcum Powder Talcum Power
  • Dry Shampoo -  
    (This is my Most favorite / Quickest method to Reduce Shine ) A clear formula is best or choose a color close to your hair.
    Dry Shampoo
3. Use recommended Care Products- By using the wrong product, you can cause build up or add additional shine.
Visit WigsbyDana to find wig accessories and care products designed just for wigs to ensure you are caring for your wigs and hairpieces correctly.

 Quality of your Wig 

When it comes to wigs, quality matters. Synthetic fiber is still synthetic fiber, but how it is processed and created can vary; the difference between a $40 costume wig that screams fake and one that looks natural can be based on where your purchase came from. Shop with reputable brands like Ellen WilleJon Renau and Raquel Welch for higher-quality wigs at more affordable prices than what you would find in specialty stores. These are well known companies that have been manufacturing wigs and hairpieces for years.

I hope this article has given you some insight on how to remove shine from your wig and that quality does matter when purchasing a wig. If synthetic fiber is still something that can't work with then I would say you may want to go with human hair alternatives instead. Alternative hair becomes a part of you so it's all about feeling confident and comfortable when wearing them! One more thing before we end - if anyone in the Dallas-DFW area needs any help or advice please don't hesitate to contact me. See my - Contact info here.

Wearing a wig is a very personal decision but can make such an impact on ones self-esteem; which is why my goal as a stylist is not only provide great customer service but also empower clients by providing guidance throughout their hair journey.

If you have some tricks to remove shine that have worked for you please share.  My goal is to share my knowledge in hope to help you on your hair journey and together we learn more from one another.

Author: Dana


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