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How Long will a wig last


If your new to wigs then you probably have a lot of questions?  After working in the beauty & Hair industry for over 18yrs I know wigs can be like some foreign object to many even though most adults have heard and understand a wig is something worn on your head.  Yet, the real truth is if you have never owned or worn a wig how would you know how long a wig will last.  Well, I’m going to help you understand factors that will contribute or lesson the lifespan of your wig.

 5 Key Questions to ask your Self?

1. How often do you plan on wearing your wig?  

Women who wear their wigs everyday usually need to replace them more frequently than someone who wears theirs less often due to breakage and matting in the fibers over time. Special occasions may only require a new wig once or twice per year depending on frequency of use!

2. Length of wig

The longer the Wig Syn or HH typically require more combing of the fiber and has friction of the fiber, which in return means there is more tugging and can become dryer and change in texture at the ends.

3. Syn or Human Hair Fiber

Human hair is stronger than synthetic fiber since Synthetic is basically plastic made to look like human hair.  Regardless of what the wig line synthetic will melt if too high of heat is applied to it, so I think of synthetic hair as barbie doll hair. With human hair you can at least do a conditioning treatment and nurture the hair with quality product.  Synthetic , if the fiber is singed and burnt….there’s no restoring.

4. Lifestyle/activity when wearing

I like to explain this example with this comparison.  Consider the grandmother who has a short synthetic wig that only wears her wig on Sundays to church and maybe only during the week for about 2-3 hrs each day.  Compared to the woman who works a full 8hrs a day and often works-out and attends outside activities like soccer practice for her son every weekend.  The length of time worn combined with heat from your body and activities will shorten the lifespan of any wig Syn or human hair.

5. Care/Maintenance

A wig is meant to look like your own natural hair, but are very fragile because the fibers are delicate and must be cared for properly to last you long periods of time. So how you care for and regularly wash and maintain your hairpiece will also determine how quick your piece will begin to breakdown and change in overall quality and appearance. Wearing a wig for too long or without proper care will lead to tangles, matting & breakage that will cause the wig fiber to become unusable.

Tips for Keeping your Wig looking Fresh

1.) Do not brush the hair when dry. This weakens the fibers and causes them to tangle more easily. Instead use a wide tooth comb or paddle brush when wet with conditioner in it to detangle knots after shampooing.

2.) Use heat protectant spray before using any styling tools such as flat irons, curling irons, etc.

3.)  Avoid too much sun exposure or heat if wearing synthetic wigs because they can melt easier than

4.) Have a minimum of 2-3 wigs that you can rotate with. This allows you to have one washed and ready to wear at all times.  And reduces the time period each wig is worn, extending the life of each wig compared to one wig being worn daily without any rotation.

 In conclusion to “How long will a wig last”, there is no one exact answer to this question. The reason there is like everything else in the hair world, every person is different, unique and has their own lifestyle.

With only one synthetic wig and gentle wear and care you could possibly get 4-6 months  before needing to replace or need some refurbishing of the fiber...sooner the longer the length of the hair is.  For human hair wigs and gentle wear and care a wig could last up to a year maybe longer. And as I mentioned early if you have more than one wig you only increase the lifespan.

I hope this blog helps you to have a better expectation on the lifespan of any wig whether you purchase one or multiple wigs.  If you have a wig and not sure about washing or how to maintain your piece I offer wig services and would be happy to maintain your piece for you. Contact me here at

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