Holiday Hair

The holiday countdown has begun and I'm sure you have already started thinking about upcoming events and get-together. Balancing work, family and making time for yourself can be a bit of a challenge. But don't worry, that's why I'm here to help with some tips to have you Holiday Hair Ready.

Book Appointment's Early

  1. Don't wait to the last minute! Stylist are busiest during the Holidays. Hold your spot and schedule an Appointment with Dana Today!
  2. Don't chance your style being out of stock! Inventory moves quickly during the holidays, so schedule a consultation or view styles at to find your holiday hair while supplies are fully stocked.


Ponytail / Updo

 PonytailPonytails are a quick and easy way to give you an elegant hairdo in minutes.  Add a soft braid on one side or twist up for an elegant updo. And don't forget the bling bling with a few hair accessories for an even more glamorous touch.  

Don't have a long enough pony?  No Worries! Check out our 16" human hair ponytail by Hairdo.







Hair Extension/Volumizer

Maybe you love having shorter hair, but want to have long for a special event.  I've got a quick solution for you as well.  Clip-In Extensions are great as they cause no damage to your own hair and can be applied by yourself.  Clip in- Clip out with option as easy as a 1-piece system or an 8-piece giving you more styling versatility.   View All Extensions.

Clip in Extensions
Ready-To-Wear Wigs
With so many beautiful read-to-wear hairstyles, synthetic wigs are a perfect solution that will have you out the door and looking fabulous for any occasion.    Whether you want a short wig, mid-length wig or long wig style I would love to help you find your perfect Holiday Hair.  View more styles at WigsbyDana Today!  Have more questions?  Contact me at 214-609-5700, I'd love to answer any questions you have.    
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