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Have you ever changed your hair color, and then realized it didn't look as great as you were expecting? 

There is a reason why one color may look great on one person and not so much on another. Depending on your skin undertones, certain colors can bring out the healthy glow in your skin or clash bringing out all the colors you don't want.  However, your skin-undertones are not the same as your complexion.  Sounds confusing already, right?   Well, I've got a few tips on how to determine what your natural undertones are.

Skin Undertones vs Complexion

Skin undertones: are described by three color tones: (cool, warm or neutral). 

  1. Cool - look for hints of pink and blue in the skin. 
  2. Warm - look for hints of gold and red in the skin.
  3. Neutral - can be tricky, but often have more of a olive tent.

Complexion: is often referred to as (light, medium, dark).  Theses tones can change throughout the winter and summer months as you tan.

How to Determine your Natural Skin Undertones

Here are a few questions to ask yourself, which can help you in discover what's your actual skin tone.  

 Question #1 What color are the veins in your wrist?

  •  If your veins appear to be green, you probably have warm undertones.
  •  If they’re blue or purple, you probably have cool undertones.
  •  If they are a mix of both, you may have neutral undertones. 

 Take a look at the chart below: (Image from Pinterest)

 Question #2  How do you tan?

  •  If you burn easy, you probably have cool undertones
  •  If you rarely burn you most likely have warm undertones.

Once you determine your correct undertones then  you can better select colors that bring out a healthy and natural glow with your skin.

Color Tip: Best to keep the depth of the color at least two shades darker or lighter than your skin to avoid looking washed out.

Take a look at these examples of hair color for cool, warm, and neutral undertones and see where you fall.   


PARADOX by Gabor in G17+ VANILLA MIST | Cool, ash blonde with lighter tones through the top and sides, progressing to a deeper ash blonde nape

ARROW by ELLEN WILLE in PLATIN BLONDE ROOTED | Pearl Platinum, Light Golden Blonde, and Pure White Blend


STORYVILLE by Ellen Wille , MOCCA ROOTED | Medium Brown, Light Brown, and Light Auburn Blend with Dark Roots

STRAIGHT UP WITH A TWIST by Raquel Welch in RL29/25 GOLDEN RUSSET | Ginger Blonde Evenly Blended with Medium Golden Blonde


CLICK by Ellen Wille in SAND ROOTED | Light Brown, Medium Honey Blonde, and Light Golden Blonde blend with Dark Roots

SPARK by ELLEN WILLE in WILD CHERRY ROOTED | Dark brown base, dark burgundy Red, and Bright Cherry Blend with Darker Roots

 Now that you have a better understanding of what undertones are you are on your way to looking selecting the right colors that look best on you.  If you like any of the above styles, be sure to check out Wigsbydana to help find your perfect look.

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