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Have you noticed your hair thinning on top or been seeing the bald spot get bigger? You may have heard of toppers, but not sure what they are.  In comparison with a wig that covers the whole head - a hair-topper is only meant for covering certain area of our scalp typically referred as crown region (top).

However, with so  many options available,  it can be difficult to know which one is right for you. And who want's to spend hours on the web looking through all the different options and still not know which way to go?

Don't worry your not alone.  I've got a few simple steps to help save you time, and give you a better idea on how to select the right size piece and with the correct features that are best for you and your lifestyle.  So let's get started. 


First you want to identify your stage of hair loss, which is determined by the level of thinning and how large of an area that covers.  

The most important factor when choosing a hair-topper is getting the right base size to ensure you are getting enough coverage and that your hair doesn't attach too closely to thin patches of scalp.

Start with measuring the length and width of where your hair is thinning then add an additional 1/2 ".. See the example below:

By adding an additional 1/2 inch ensures you are not selecting too small of a base size.  Clips need to be secured slightly beyond the thinnest hair for a secure fit and prevent causing traction alopecia.

2nd - Determine Which Base Construction is Best for your style

  • Pre-teased vs Monofilament
  • Lace-Front or No Lace-Front

Depending on how the hair is attached to the wig cap, impacts how the hair looks and falls.  Pre-tease will often make a wig more poufy  on top and you shouldn't try to make a part.  Where a monofilament and lace-front allows you to part the hair in any direction and you can where the hair off you face.  This gives a more natural appearance.  Take a look at the following styles and base. 


 2nd - Select a similar length to your own style

This one seems pretty easy, but if your not sure I recommend going slightly longer.  Too short will not blend as naturally and if your piece is a bit too long you can always trim the style.

  • Short
  • Med. Length
  • Long

 3rd  - Select a similar texture to your own

  • Straight
  • Wavy/Curly

 4th - Select the hair fiber based on your lifestyle & needs.

Synthetic Fiber

  • Ready-to-Wear
  • Easy to Maintain
  • Shorter Lifespan

Human Hair Fiber

  • Needs to be restyled after washing
  • Able to style differently with hot tools
  • Longer lifespan

I always tell those new to toppers, "it's like a new toy"  be patient with yourself and trust you will get more comfortable the more you play with it.  If your still not sure about toppers and have questions please reach out and I'll be happy to assist you in finding the hair solution that's right for you.

 Author-Dana Temesvary



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