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No matter what  season your in, if your going to be traveling and wear wigs, you may be wondering "How do I travel with my synthetic wigs and keep them looking there best?"

As a wig enthusiast and someone who has traveled often with wigs, I want to share my personal wig tips on how to properly pack and care for your wigs anytime you travel.  In this blog I will cover the following topics:

  • How to pack & store your wig
  • Essential wig care products for traveling
  • Alternative Options to wearing your wig

 How to Pack & Store Your Wig When Traveling

We all know when traveling there's often limited space to look great once you arrive, right!   Well, the good news is synthetic wigs are read-to-wear and to do not need to be restyled.  However, you do want to protect your wig/wigs from anything getting on them during your travel.

Two tips I recommend when packing your wig up for travel is this:

  1. Turn your synthetic wigs inside out to protect the fiber
  2. Store your wigs inside a plastic Zip-Lock Baggy- (will protect against any spills)

Essential Wig Care To Pack When Traveling 

Even though synthetic wigs are ready-to-wear, there are a few basic items that are essential to have when traveling. 

  • Travel Wig Stands these are great when you have limited space since they collapse, are easy to store and will hold your wig shape when your not wearing. 
  • Items to secure your wig - If you plan to be active or are like me I use a few additional wig care accessories to insure my wig does not move and stays in place until I choose to take it off. So if you use adhesive, tape, clips or bobby pins be sure to pack.  And one thing I never go without to keep my wig from moving is my Wig-Secure by Amy Gibson.
  • Wig Care & Styling Products- For longer trips, you may want to pack a bottle of wig shampoo and wig condition to be able to wash and refresh your wig. In fact Purifi Spray is another great option to have on hand when you need to freshen up on the go. One thing I always recommend with  any synthetic wig is detangling Spray, And if you want to add a little extra oomph or hold to your wig I suggest getting a can of Tress-Tec Wig- Spray Wax that can be used on synthetic wigs and human hair wigs.  And don't forget your wig brush or wig comb to remove tangles and daily styling.

Benefits Of Traveling With A 2nd Wig

Being the wig enthusiast as I mentioned before, I like to take more than one wig on my trips.  I mean seriously, how often does someone only take one pair of shoes when they travel?  So why not take an additional wig to switch out with. Below are a few reasons why I travel with a 2nd wig:

  • 2-wig allows you to go longer without having to wash.
  • 2-wigs allows you to bring an older one to wear when being more active in.
  • 2-wigs allows you to change up your look

 Alternative Options To Wearing Your Wig

There may be moments when traveling that you may not want to wear your wig.  If you have extreme or complete hair-loss then I would suggest packing a few pieces of stylish headwear.  Be sure to check out some of the stylish headwear options below. You will be comfortable and stylish at the same time.  You may not wear any, but they are easy to pack and gives you another option to have on hand.  Take a look at these option below and shop more turbans and headwear at Wigs by Dana. 

Bella Scarf Headwear

Now that you know how to travel with your wig, what are some tips you have for making the experience as smooth as possible? Share them in the comments below.


Dana Temesvary

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