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Can You Sleep in Your Wig? | WigsbyDana

Can you sleep in your wig?  This is a common question I get asked by new wig wearers that is a valid question.  Whether you are wearing a wig by choice or for medical reasons, it's not for ever...

Curbside Wig Delivery | Dallas, Texas

Most women enjoy getting pampered or the chance at having a spa day right?  Well if you wear wigs, toppers or hair pieces your “alternative hair” can enjoy a spa day as well. With the events of 202...

How To Wash a Human Hair Wig

It's time to wash your human hair wig and you may be feeling a little unsure on how to do things since it's not hair growing from your on own head.  There's no question about human hair wigs being ...

How Do Wigs Stay On?

  One of the first questions I often hear about wigs is, “How do wigs stay on your head?”    Wigs are not permanently attached, so the fear of it moving or worse falling off in public, is a comm...

Who Makes the Best Synthetic Wigs?

If you're thinking about buying a wig and feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the different styles, then take a moment and consider the brand you're looking at. Every manufacturer will have similar ...

How Long Before I lose my Hair with Chemo?

  Chemo-related hair loss can emotionally affect people in different ways. To help you deal with any hair loss there are a few things that can help make your journey a little easier. My main d...

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