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Best Types of Wigs for Beginners

If you're about to embark on wearing wigs, you may be wondering what are the best wigs for beginners.   Then, with so many types of wigs on the market, it can be overwhelming to decide which one is...

How to Transition into Gray Hair

Do you want to embrace your naturally gray hair? Making the transition from your natural hair color to gray can be both exciting and intimidating at the same time. Going gray can be a liberating ex...

What Is A Capless Wig? | Is it Right For You?

Looking for a wig that is comfortable, lightweight, and easy to wear? Then a capless wig might be the perfect option for you! But what exactly is a capless wig? How does it stay on?  And is it rig...

How to put on a wig with long hair

If you have long hair you may be wondering if you can still wear a wig.  It may sound impossible, but it can be done. The key factor when wearing a wig with long hair is to make sure your own bio h...

4 Ways Heat Can Damage Your Synthetic Wig

STOP! Here's 4 things to avoid that can damage your synthetic wigs. Synthetic wigs are a popular choice because they are ready to wear, easy to care for and need little to know styling. However, sy...

Spa Day for your Wigs & Hair Pieces

Ever feel like your wigs or hairpieces need some serious TLC?  Well, look no further!  That’s exactly what  Dana offers - specialized alternative hair services tailored to meet the specific needs o...

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