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There's nothing like being about to restore one's confidence in how their hair looks.  With wearable hair such as wigs and hair toppers, I've had the honor of seeing others go from a poor self-ima...

Top 3 Short- Hairstyles for Women

You know you want your hair short, but not sure which style would look best on you. Well, short doesn't have to be boring.  Check out these  top picks for short hairstyles for women. These styles a...

How Long Will Hair Extensions Last?

If You want to add some length and volume to your hair, without the hassle of trying to grow your hair out, then hair extension are the easiest way to achieve that. However, the question you may be...

Coping with hair-loss during chemotherapy

Having to go through chemotherapy treatments can be very hard, both physically and emotionally. One moment your going through life and then abruptly everything changes. For many of us, our hair is ...

How To Travel With Your Synthetic Wigs

No matter what  season your in, if your going to be traveling and wear wigs, you may be wondering "How do I travel with my synthetic wigs and keep them looking there best?" As a wig enthusiast and ...

How to Resize your Wig

Does your wig fit too big on your head? Not for long, because I'm going to show you 5-easy steps on "How to make your wig cap smaller for a more snug and comfortable fit."   Determine where there i...

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